I blame Peter Pan!

I learned I liked rope long before I knew kink existed.

And it’s all Peter Pan’s fault!

Look, I know Peter Pan has (a lot *cough cough* of) really problematic parts. The way Native Americans were portrayed in that movie was funny when I was 6 and didn’t know any better. When I’m staring 40 right in its gaping maw, the same scenes that made me giggle as a little girl are just super-cringey and horrifically racist. I find myself fast-forwarding past the “What Made The Red Man Red” song because it turns my stomach.

But my 6-year-old self and modern me can wholeheartedly agree on one thing: the scene with Tiger Lily tied up in the lagoon makes me tingle all over.

It was that scene which made me wonder what being tied up would actually feel like. I didn’t understand the funny tickle I got way down low in my stomach when I saw it. I knew, with a child’s faith, that Tiger Lily wasn’t really in danger, because Peter Pan would swoop in just in the nick of time to save her. I just knew being tied up looked like something I’d enjoy.

30-odd years later, turns out I was right.

Nude woman with bound hands in front of her chest, whipping her hair
Blond woman with bound hands

Just about any kind of rope is sexy to me. Even the scratchy hemp kind which says “You’ve been a very bad girl” gives me that same tingle, amplified hugely. The application of it, the concentration rope bondage takes to do properly and safely, the feel of it on my skin and the lingering marks when it’s removed…UNF! It doesn’t get much hotter than that. Coconut-fiber rope, jute, cotton, even nylon towing rope: every one makes me shiver. And when an element of predicament play is added? Amazing!

I’m glad you’re here in my kinky little world, and I can’t wait to start sharing my stories with you!

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