So much to do!

I had no idea how much goes into building a website. Everything has to be just right or it doesn’t work. I’ll be the first to tell you I’m clueless about HTML, CSS and all the other acronyms that go into making a website look great and do what it needs to do. To be honest, it scared me…a lot!

I was lucky that Wordz By Jericho is close to me. Jericho Wayne is an author himself, and he understands what goes into making a website that works. Even better, he writes erotica and is very kink-friendly, so I didn’t have to worry about being shamed for wanting pictures of pretty rope on my site. And honestly, isn’t just about everything better when you add a little rope? 😉 (Except for cheesecake. And kittens, of the actual feline variety!)

Please be sure to say hi, follow me and come hang out with me on Twitter! And please check out Jericho’s site as well.

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