Over 8000; & So That Happened…

Before I get to the grumbly part, I want to thank everyone who has read, commented and rated “My Name is Whore!” With over 8,000 views in under a month and a 4.53 rating, I’m so very grateful to all of you who took the time to reach out. I’m working on another story which I hope will be even hotter, and with a little luck and no more goofs like the one I pulled earlier, I’ll have my first novel ready for the reading public on November 3rd!

These are all wonderful developments and I’m really proud of them. But sometimes I think I need adultier adult supervision. >.>

This morning, I was setting up my Goodreads profile so my author page will be ready to update when Saguaro Love is released. I got an error message which said my confirmation email had bounced and my address couldn’t be validated.


I checked the spelling. Nope. All 16 letters of my name and the word “novels.” Everything’s good there.


I checked my inbox. No email. Not in my inbox, spam, garbage or any of the tabs Gmail seems to think make for more organized users.


So I took a long look at the email address I’d set up…

…and realized I’d somehow hit the “h” instead of the “f” when I was setting it up. *insert exasperated sigh here*

I’ve been entering the wrong email address for literally every online account I’ve set up in the past month.

My web guru didn’t catch it; I assured him everything was correct and he took me at my word. (Fool that he is! 😛 ) Far more galling, I didn’t catch it. After all, I’ve only had this name for 39 years, 10 months, 27 days and change. Why would I think to wonder if it was wrong?

So I got to feel profoundly silly, just a little stupid and highly annoyed with myself, which leads invariably to me being a very sad kitten. While having a panic attack, I sent a frantic email to my web guru which just read, “HELP!” Thankfully, he was kind enough to set aside another project he was working on to get me set up with a new email address and make sure it was properly deployed across all my author profiles. It took him less than an hour to get me back on track and he managed to tease me enough to make me smile. Maybe the best $25 I’ve ever spent, and I owe him a testimonial for his services.

So, THAT happened. >.<

All’s well now, but I’m wondering:

Is it too early for wine?

Woman drinking from a huge wine bottle
I’ll have what she’s having. Pretty please?

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