Update: Saguaro Love Now Available, Plus PG-13 (NSFW) Exclusive Excerpt!

I should have done this days ago, and I’m sorry.

Like so many other people across the country and around the world, I watched as the election unfolded. The horrid uncertainty made everything else seem so insignificant, even my debut novel release. After all, what’s a meet-cute kinky romance story about a vet and a writer whose paths cross over a kitten, when you weigh it against the fate of a nation? But, with the election now seemingly secured, I can turn my attention to matters closer to home, if no less dear to my heart.

Starting with the news that Saguaro Love is now available in the Amazon store and for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription!

Since it debuted Thursday night my time, Saguaro Love is making its way up the charts slowly but steadily. Given the ridiculous lack of relative fanfare I devoted to it because of the election, I’m very pleased with its trajectory. I fully expect and hope as more people remember how to breathe again, they’ll start looking for stories like mine. This in turn means more people will read it, which of course would make this writer very, very happy!

To celebrate the occasion, I pulled this excerpt. It’s cute, fun and I love how it came together. I hope you will too!

Excerpt from Saguaro Love

Like a child realizing Christmas morning had finally come, Katrina opened her eyes with a feeling of excited, joyous anticipation.

Matt lay beside her, gently snoring, his face calm in repose. She kissed him softly on the lips, her heart aching with a sweet pang as he smiled lightly in his sleep before his snores began again.

Dressing quickly in jeans and a light tee, she went to the car and got his crutches, hoping he hadn’t injured his bum ankle in his haste to get her into bed. She should have thought of them and brought them along last night, but she’d been just as caught up in her need for him as the other way around, which hadn’t allowed room for thoughts of frivolities like appropriate injury aftercare. The morning sun seemed just a little brighter, the heavy perfume of the neighborhood flowers more present and piquant in her nose.

Setting them on the couch, she set about whipping up breakfast. Bacon and potatoes soon sizzled away merrily in the skillet. She mixed a bowl of scrambled eggs to add to the mix later, after the potatoes had browned. He didn’t have any fruit juice, so she poured iced tea instead, stirring the hash with quick deliberation as she took inventory of herself.

In contrast to the emptiness she’d felt recently, she felt light and yet full. Her thighs and hips complained about the rough treatment they’d been subjected to the night before, but the gentle pain wasn’t unpleasant. Her heart felt much the same, like it would burst with a happiness even Jim at his best had never given her. Her head swam as she thought of all the things she wanted Matt to do to her today.

Things she wanted to do to him.

She’d never craved anyone the way she wanted to be his whore, to give herself to him completely without hesitation, body and soul.

It wasn’t even that she wanted it; “want” was far too tame and ineffectual a word. She needed him to use her body, doling out pain and pleasure as he wished, the same way she needed air to breathe. She needed to offer every part of herself to him without reservation or stinting. She needed to be the hell where his demons could dance and the heaven where he could find peace from the pain which he’d carried all alone for so long.

The thought made her smile as she dumped the egg and cheese mixture into the hash and stirred it briskly. In moments the eggs were cooked, and she served up the food onto a tray which she guessed was intended for his laptop, but which would work just as well for breakfast in bed. Utensils and paper towels to serve as napkins completed the picture.

No. Not yet.

A deliciously naughty idea peeked into her head, and a wicked smile tugged at her lips as she threw the door wide and invited it in.

Stripping off her clothes, she hefted the tray and cautiously took it upstairs, with care not to spill even the smallest drop or let the tiniest morsel fall. Stormy wound himself through and between her feet, adding a new dimension of challenge to the ascent, but she managed to reach the landing with tray, cat and human none the worse for wear.

Stormy bolted ahead of her and into the bedroom. With him safely out of the way, she put some extra sex into her hips as she followed the cat. It took everything she had not to drop the tray as she began to laugh at the scene before her.

The kitten had made himself comfortable on Matt’s face, purring loudly as he bathed one paw daintily and stared at her with a perfectly comical, self-satisfied air.

“I seem to have a pussy on my face,” Matt said sleepily, his voice muffled by the cat’s heavy, silky fur. “Too bad it’s the wrong one.”

“You can’t have dessert until after breakfast, Sir,” she replied impishly. “But since it looks like your mouth is already full—”

“Let’s not be hasty,” he protested, scooping the little ball of fur off his face and depositing the cat on his lap. Stormy looked put out by his unceremonious removal from the regal perch he’d selected, but groomed his other forepaw as if determined not to let the human’s lack of proper obeisance upset his innate decorum. Matt scratched the kitten’s head without looking up.

Want to read Saguaro Love for yourself? Click the cover to go to the Amazon store!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you soon!

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