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Cover Art Reveal + Call for Beta Readers!

First, I’m very happy to report that I’ve got the cover for Bad Girl, the first book in the Portland Dominants series! Second, I’m looking for beta readers and/or established erotic romance authors for review blurbs. Find out more here!

Words and names

How do derogatory names become terms of endearment? And why do these names become such powerful statements of love and trust? Here’s my $.02 on the topic!


I am so happy today! In just four days, “My Name is Whore” earned over 5,000 views, 5 favorites and 3 follows on Literotica. By Nora Roberts standards, that’s probably a middling hour. By mine, a no-name author who just put her first foot on the ladder, it’s a Mongol horde! I’m so deeply thankful … Continue reading 5000!?

Doubts and fears

Last night, a writer friend of mine was complaining about her WIP and some editing struggles she’d been having. During the conversation, she asked me if that was normal. I laughed and assured her yes, it’s perfectly normal to worry about whether you’re doing it right and to be afraid of all the usual writing … Continue reading Doubts and fears

So much to do!

I had no idea how much goes into building a website. Everything has to be just right or it doesn’t work. I’ll be the first to tell you I’m clueless about HTML, CSS and all the other acronyms that go into making a website look great and do what it needs to do. To be … Continue reading So much to do!

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