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Dr. Katrina Aaronson has built a good life for herself. The owner of a small-town veterinary clinic, she spends her days caring for needy animals and her nights with good wine, food and friends. So what if her ex edited himself out of her life by sleeping with one of his grad students? She has a battery-operated boyfriend, a ridiculously large bathtub and the latest kinky romance from her favorite author. What more could a girl want?

When a mysterious man brings in a tiny stray kitten with a big problem, the feline’s predicament melts her heart – but it’s the kitten’s owner, Matt Sanders, who makes Katrina want to roll over and purr in a way she’s only read about, and the intensity of her own desires terrifies her. When she discovers Matt wrote the literal book on Katrina’s deepest, darkest fantasies, he shows her the reality is vastly better and more frightening than her hottest stories can convey.

A fuzzy kitty, an unfortunate accident, a sheriff with a vendetta and an embezzlement scandal make romance pricklier than a saguaro cactus’s spines. Can Katrina trust Matt enough to submit to him body, heart and soul?

The Arizona summer has never been hotter!

Erica Mitchell has come a long way, literally and figuratively, from the tiny town of Saguaro, Arizona. But her demons chased her all the way to Portland, Oregon, leading her to one mistake after another: a job she hates; a boss she despises; Luke, the man she loves who can’t give her what she needs; and Jeff, who she can’t stand but offers the harsh treatment she craves. In one explosive night of true confessions, Erica finds herself forsaken by both men and effectively homeless.

When Erica meets Luke in an unexpected setting, he offers her a second chance – with a few conditions. She has no margin for error and no choice but to obey his every command if she hopes to put the past behind her and win him back. The problem is, the past and Erica’s BAD GIRL ways may cast longer shadows than Luke can overcome.

Erica will have to find the strength to pay for her sins and win Luke’s heart back. If she can prove she belongs to Luke alone and can be his good woman in the streets and his BAD GIRL behind closed doors, she may be able to earn his trust once more.

If her feuding past and present employers, her ex-lovers, her mother and her dark desires will let her…

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